CEU Pre-Approval Application

CEU Pre-Approval Application For - Profit
Instructions and Requirements

Dear Provider of Continuing Education, 

The Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASWAZ) has developed a procedure to approve programs for continuing education credits. Such approval will be valuable in attracting social workers desiring state credentialing renewal to your continuing education programs. The following is a list of criteria that NASWAZ will look for in the pre-approval process.

NASWAZ will approve programs that offer continuing education of relevance to social workers and are taught by qualified personnel. These include, but are not limited to, workshops, conferences and internet-based distance-learning education.

Programs must provide a means for attendees to evaluate the degree to which the stated educational objectives were met.

Program facilities must be handicapped accessible and, of course, ethical standards must be maintained.

Programs that are approved by NASWAZ for continuing education hours are required to provide documentation of attendance to those who attend the program. The names of all attendees are to be forwarded to NASWAZ, as well as evaluation forms and post-test results upon request. All records should be kept for two years.

For internet-based distance-learning education: Contact hours are determined based on content, time to review the content, and an appropriate number of test questions that reflect whether the learning objectives have been met. Post-test on all distance-learning products with a passing score of not less than 80 percent is required. This requirement also applies to real-time interactive learning such as date-specific teleconferences and webinars.

Application Process:

  • To apply for NASWAZ approval of continuing education hours, complete the online form.
    Payment must accompany the application. Applicants may pay through credit card online, or mail in a check. Please note that the review of the application will not begin until payment has been received.
  • Pre-approval costs are $75.00 per site for nonprofit organizations, $150.00 per site for profit organizations and $225.00 per continue education program for internet-based distance-learning education.
  • If this is a repeat program of a workshop that has been previously approved and the content has not changed, then you can submit a CEU Application Short Form. Contact the chapter office for instructions on completing the short form.
  • Please allow up to four weeks for pre-approval processing.
  • NEW OPTION ALLOWS YOU TO RUSH YOUR APPLICATION THROUGH IN 7 DAYS FOR AN ADDITIONAL $35 FOR NON-PROFIT ENTITIES; AN ADDITIONAL $75 FOR PROFIT BUSINESSES. You must pay the rush fee if you are applying less than four weeks before the continuing education program.


We look forward to helping you provide a continuing education program that best meets the needs of discerning social workers. If you have any questions, please call NASWAZ at 480-968-4595.

Guidelines for Completion of the NASW-AZ Continuing Education Application

NASW-AZ is pleased to join with you in the approval process designed to support quality continuing education learning for social workers in Arizona. Observing the items listed below will aid you in obtaining speedy approval of your continuing education activities.

  • Be certain your objectives and the content fit the clock hours of your activity. Identifying the clock times with the specific objectives (and content) is very helpful to the reviewers.
  • If your presenter does not appear to have the appropriate graduate education and experience in the content area of your continuing education activity, the NASWAZ reviewing committee may return the application for further documentation.
  • If the activity for which approval is requested is for agency employees, (i.e., staff development) the application must be for appropriate educational experience rather than focusing on agency procedures.
  • Supervisory sessions or activities, even if purchased outside the place of employment, will not be approved as continuing education credits.
  • Instruction on how to supervise is an appropriate continuing education activity. However, it will not be approved as part of an internal staff development activity.
  • Add the daytime telephone number of the social worker who is listed as part of the planning for continuing education activity. Questions from the reviewers will be addressed to this person.

HINT - We recommend that you compose your submission in a word processor, then copy and paste it in at the end. In the event that you lose internet access, this will save your work.