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SB 1519-Take Action

On Thursday, April 19th, the Senate Commerce & Public Safety Committee will hear SB1519:  protective orders; schools; appropriations. There is a strike everything amendment to SB1519. NASWAZ encourages you to voice your concerns using the "Request to Speak System," or by contacting the Senate Commerce & Public Safety Committee members directly.

NASWAZ has communicated the following: We support funding for Mental Health First Aid; Behavioral Health Services in Schools including suicide prevention training; Safe Schools Hotline Program; and upgrading the Criminal Background Check Database system. 

NASWAZ encourages using the proposed $11 M to hire school social workers and school counselors instead of being dedicated solely to School Resource Officers. 

NASWAZ is concerned that the Severe Threat Orders of Protection (STOP) fails to meet the need at hand without further stigmatizing the individual who would be the subject of the STOP order.

This bill fails to address: 1) closing the loopholes in the background database used when individuals purchase a firearm; 2) raising the age of purchasing a firearm; 3) banning the purchase of semiautomatic firearms with a large magazine of ammunition designed and configured for rapid fire and combat use; and 4) prohibiting the sale of “bump stocks.”

Email the Senate Commerce & Public Safety Committee members directly:

Sen. Steve Smith (District 11)

Sen. Warren Petersen (District 12)

Sen. Sonny Borrelli (District 5)

Sen. David Farnsworth (District 16)

Sen.  Bob Worsley (District 25)

Sen.  Sean Bowie (District 18)

Sen.  Robert Meza (District 30)

Sen.  Catherine Miranda (District 27)